On these factors, it’s buying at the vault. In the selection of safe, it’s first and foremost on the value of their valuables. Safes are a long-term investment, accordingly it is worth to pay when buying the safe on good workmanship. Experience has shown that it has proved rather greater than the volume of the items to be protected to select the volume of the safe. After be sure quite a few things are added. The level of security depends on different factors. Most of the time, the security level in the insurance is mandatory. It therefore makes sense to inquire before insurance about the required security level.

This is important particularly for business papers, documents and data carriers. For the backup document is in addition to think on a high fire. generally, safes of lower security levels offer only a short-term fire protection. For documents and data carriers, special safes with high fire protection are available. Both Security and fire protection are excellent for high-quality brand safes test certificates. Even if well cut and occasionally even cheaper safes in tests there are the safes of well-known brands, which always is reliable in most cases. Who important valuables safe from intrusion and would like to protect, should not save when buying safes. A good brand safe is a reimbursement that pays for itself over the years.

Finally must be considered also as the safe should be placed. Wall safes are the best solution, however, here is required to a suitable wall. The appropriate wall is not always present but especially in houses in modern construction. Furniture safes offer itself as an alternative solution. Furniture safes are only safe from burglary if they are firmly anchored in the wall or the floor. Otherwise, it is easy for burglars to break furniture safes out later with the aid of special tool to break him. Eva Otter