We must adjust our expectations of today’s reality and allow a point of view that is limited not only to care for the old and infirm people. Because that is not the diversity of age.” Also Prof. Dr. Thomas Klie of the Protestant University of Freiburg, agreed to in the Breisgau had collaborated substantially in the 6 old report of the Federal Government, and turned out the importance of age images in the areas of education, care, civil society and law: age pictures are varied, they are consequential and therefore worth confronting them: in politics, in business, in the Church”, but quite personally.” Old is to understand as firmly contoured life section, so the Gerontologist next but not static. We must understand as individual and social design task, the aging and the life course and one develop new culture of the age.” Also the orientation of the four visions help dealing with the own age and aging: independence, self-responsibility, accepting and acceptance of dependency. Nicola Muller, officer housing for the elderly in the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development, in their presentation showed that the housing stock is often not age fair and given the demographic development is comprehensive adaptation required.

Only five percent of apartments inhabited by seniors are barrier-free and accessible”Muller stressed. With the funding program Altersgerecht rebuild”the Ministry therefore supports age – and disabled-friendly adaptation of residential buildings with soft loans or grants. However, the housing policy will not considered isolated task, the urban programmes accompanied the demographic changes. Good floor plans must be attractive for all stages of life and generations and fit”, asked Eckhard Feddersen, architect of the KWA pen hohenzollernpark and many other housing for senior citizens. During his lecture, he set a variety of innovative concepts of architecture for the new old”, where not caring, but living in the foreground stands and pointed out, what should be taken in establishing of apartments. .