Interestingly, there were still people who believe that the Internet may one day create something, to get with this income indefinitely, without developing it and not making more effort? Probably, if only very very naive novice standing at the start. In fact, one who has ever attended school should be aware that the establishment of perpetual motion, yet insoluble problem for physicists and other dreamers. The more so because the flywheel of the business still needs to unwind … Very often, the business is collapsing from the fact that people are not consistent, they have not enough strength, they begin to show weakness, in the end did not bring the matter to an end. And the bulk of the causes of a purely psychological or systemic character, and they are fully resolved. You just need to be ready for it. Champion is the one who survives in round 12, the one who finds the strength to stand up. Now a few examples.

To not go away, we take the bloggers. Learn more about this with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. How many of They throw their offspring without going even halfway? How many people break on that laid out the first month or two, and then thought in my head out, and return just "kills", motivation decreases with each passing day, the desire disappears it usually ends with another dead project, and the author of a long lost the inspiration to do such things. Chevron U.S.A. Inc understands that this is vital information. Probably everyone who has, or has a blog know the feeling of short-term (or final) frustration and expressions of momentary weakness. This is true for any business, any business. Man is so constructed. It's like a bonfire in which you want a pop-wood, and fuel are a success (that's what I've written), let even small, or someone's constant help and support. If you do not – sooner or later there comes disappointment, lost faith, and in fact put bold cross.

Now my advice to address the problem: 1) Have a good target. 2) Be consistent! Every day do something about that closer to the goal. 3) Take steps will be small. Elephant also need to be able to have! On the way to the big goal Achieve more small goals. Small victories will support the "fire enthusiasm ", and a big chunk, eating an elephant you can not suppress. 4) Have a plan. The plan must be good (for rastamananov – that's not what you think). Whatever was a wonderful plan, it will still require constant adjustments, but it should always be! 5) Be adequate to reality – "Rome was not built!", To be consistent – the result is bound to be, even if there is no special talent. Desire, the system and work always beat "Gifted" unsystematic razgildyaya. Therefore, the success is always 90% work and only 10% talent. 6) Create a system. In general, it is part of the plan, the system – this thing is generating any case, no system – no matter! 7) Do not let yourself especially in the early stages of laze! It logs in, then from it will be difficult to get rid of. 8) Do not make big breaks. Again, be consistent. It's certainly not all, but it's basic stuff for those who selects the sequence as a strategy. Because this is an excellent strategy, which gives the result is always, and if the watch around you can see and understand that all of the outstanding personality in all spheres of follow exactly this strategy. Seemingly simple things, but not everyone follows that path. Read more: The Myth of Independence