Observing the remote events of the implantation of the Brazilian and world-wide education, we can perceive the influence that the State and the society, among others factors have exerted on the school. Much if has said on the expansion of a democratic school, that takes care of to all the layers of the society, over all the popular classrooms and is exactly in way to this democratic speech that we must reflect on the paper that the pertaining to school institution has played for the maintenance or social transformation, the formatting or the release of the individual. Introduction: The Industrial Revolution was a marcante moment in the history of the humanity, since it modified the work relations drastically, thus allowing the ownership of the power the bourgeois classroom, however, in way to these transformations the distanciamento between the favored classrooms less and the detainers them wealth were being accented, causing an enormous distanciamento between these two worlds. In way to the immense increase social inaqualities the education to all was given to them for necessary the opening of the access the layers of the society. The access the school, since middle of century XIX until then has been considered a basic factor in such a way for the diligent classroom how much for the ruling class, since the alteration in the world-wide economy made to excite the demand of the acquisition and internalizao of new knowledge and values. Development: Searching a bigger deepening in this quarrel, we go to display the ideas of three authors on this interesting thematic one. The first one of them, Gomes, affirms that it has an extreme interference of the ruling classes in what it refers to the educational universe, according to this author, the school has developed a proposal that finishes attributing to the pupils an education that aims at the maintenance of a completely mentally ill relation of work, destroying with this the existence of the leisure and substituting the same for the practical one of a leisure also mentally ill, where this is summarized to practical of consumption, thus favoring, the market and keeping the worker as a complete one dominated.