Understanding is the basis for communication. All human beings have learned methods to communicate to us from our own experience. We also she’ve got beliefs that we assume as truths, we have formed our personality, we have felt fears and we have created ways to protect us. Thus we have created what we call paradigms. And as the experiences of each are different, the paradigms of each one are different. Therefore, when you contact us, we need to generate a language in common, one that both understand.

Because we live in different paradigms, we understand the Spanish language in a different way. Think you happened to say something to someone and that person understand something completely different to what your intention was to communicate? Basically all we have had that experience. And it is precisely due to this. When a person hears, listening through your paradigm. He or she does not understand you paradigm.

Do not understand your point of view. Only you know yours. And in general, assume that your point of view, is the truth. To exit from this problem, we need to rise above the situation, i.e., position us see with perspective. To see with greater perspective, it is possible to realize that each who is defending a point of view individual possible of a great situation that is they both face. And here is where understanding is essential. You understand the point of view of the other. Find out about the point of view of your counterpart, get in your shoes. And even when you do not understand much, he tries to see how was the process by which this person has forged that vision of the world. Listen to me. If you want to really understand and communicate, you need to hear. The majority of human beings mainly make assertions. We are talking about. And everyone likes to be heard. But who listens? If you want to make a difference and improve your communication incredibly: listen.