The team of technology of the Indian Daily, in 1995, presented an article that approaches the possibility of the creation of Tsunamis artificial. As this team of technology, of course, the solar flames and winds that generate intent eletomagnticas pulsations are definitively and with great frequency the cause root of slidings of land and earthquakes. They allege that when these ' ' efeitos' ' they occur in aquatic level sub, cause tsunamis devastadores, as observed in 2004.Mas they also indicate that the technologies of eletomagnticas pulsations are not new. The majority of the greatly advanced countries possesss systems of armaments of electromagnetic pulse. Veja more in HAARP. The key can be in the control and the artificial ionization of the ionosphere of the Land. If this could be made with massive rays of energy from the ground, then you can effectively modify that part of the world where the solar wind will attack. In such a way, you can create climatic alterations and ambient disasters of the category of Terremotos and Tsunamis devastadores.