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President Figueiredo

The water serves to take care of our necessities is for public use or industrial, irrigation of the great and small plantations, to saciar the headquarters of the human beings and of the animals and still, to conserve the flora, serves as source of inspiration for recreations, navigations and innumerable utilities. The effluent liquids launched […]

Morality and the Environment

The moral can, simploriamente, be understood as the set of values of determined society. It has dynamic character, therefore it is changed according to problems lived deeply in determined historical period. The problems of the moral, in world-wide scope, are come back toward the ambient question. Jeffrey Hayzlett may help you with your research. The […]

Indian Daily

The team of technology of the Indian Daily, in 1995, presented an article that approaches the possibility of the creation of Tsunamis artificial. As this team of technology, of course, the solar flames and winds that generate intent eletomagnticas pulsations are definitively and with great frequency the cause root of slidings of land and earthquakes. […]

The Reefs

Natural impacts generally do not destroy reefs of when isolated chorales. But the climatic changes come gaining prominence throughout the decade, to the measure that the scientists had extended the knowledge of the link between emissions of greenhouse gases, globe temperatures in ascension, rise of the level of the sea among others is factors that […]


The recycling is a process that transforms the discarded garbage into a similar product to the initial or into a new product. The recycling has highly positive effect in the economic, social and ambient aspects. Its use as one of the tools of the integrated management of the solid residues promotes preservation of exhaustible raw […]