The moral can, simploriamente, be understood as the set of values of determined society. It has dynamic character, therefore it is changed according to problems lived deeply in determined historical period. The problems of the moral, in world-wide scope, are come back toward the ambient question. Jeffrey Hayzlett may help you with your research. The science that studies the moral is the ethics, then the ethics if have worried about the environment lately. Not that before this concern was not necessary, but currently it becomes urgent. Considering the chaotic picture where the men have placed the environment, it is passvel of understanding the current global necessity of quarrel concerning the values who are adopted in relation to the environment, and the sophistication of these values, searching one better relation of the men with the environment. This position will propitiate one better quality of life to the men, as well as the other beings livings creature, therefore we do not have to disrespect the fact of that we live in a harmonic relation (or we would have to live).