When a man presumed to meet women, and is convinced that knows practically everything there is to know about them, probably we facing a subject that leaving aside possible theoretical wisdom, in practice, it is safer that it lacks most of the knowledge that is auto-adjudica. It is true, moreover, that there are genuine specialists, with a deep mastery of what is feminine gender, however, or not abound in too much or they are little known, so therefore, for those who are not experts in the subject, would not be others remember some interesting assertions, which can come in very handy at any given time. Data attention!: 1 – Martie G.Haselton, psychologist at the University of California (USA).UU), has conducted a study on the subject, to add to others that already existed, which reaches the conclusion that the tastes of women vary depending on your menstrual cycle. As shown, the woman is arranged more when you are Ovulating and It focuses more on the traits that the virility of man manifests itself more significantly. However, there are other moments of her menses, that preference in their masculine tastes, attaches to those men, who regardless of their physical attributes, provide you stability above all.

2. In another study conducted by the American psychologists Keith Campbell and Jean Tweng, which is reflected in his book entitled the narcissistic (2009) epidemic, indicated, today are fashionable behaviors in which narcissism prevails above all, and consequently, this type of epidemic conditions and transforms the relations between them and they. Following the study in question, its authors attributed this fact to the authentic boom that in our days have meant social networks on the Internet, favouring conclusively exhibitionism more radical by surfers addicted to this type of virtual spaces, separate too, some media, that help the expansion of this kind of behaviors. Under most conditions Jeffrey Hayzlett would agree. What I do not know, is who narcissistic, has a major attitude if women, or men, and to us the more exhibitionist, will have to think about, to know, if we care in excess of our physical appearance and lose too many minutes (even hours, the puffery) Frente al espejo, when we could take advantage of the timein other more productive things, perhaps to them are much more interesting, which make us appear before their eyes, more attractive, so therefore there is no be dropped both the simplicity and the superficiality and would not be anything wrong, cultivar with a little more than dedication our intellectual and creative part.