The system of the GDR was perhaps better as you call? There were people who had no work at all? Were destined Prefabricated buildings have been not very impressive for us West German, but lots of space had offered also for large families the concrete bunkers and above all, the rents were affordable. But let’s get back to the border, today there are still some frontier museums in Germany this piece of German history was of people get who knew that in a few years people limit access for information about the GDR. The GDR border is again on everyone’s lips, and it is increasingly asked what was really happened with wall, car lock ditch and co. So I started also in 2006 to build a Web page history a little to get this piece. I have to admit that it is not easy, because on this subject, the opinions are very different. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust describes an additional similar source. But alone, visitor numbers bragging right that the GDR border is still in many minds is stored.

Websauger.EU is in the form of pictures and text that has been what again until 1989 in Germany between East and West. We should not forget that even almost 20 years after German reunification that tracks the inner Border have not faded. For this reason, I founded also a forum to the website for all people who are like me, still have a certain interest in the GDR border. In the DDR forum you have to write the way about your memories from the border border or just ask to which you perhaps an answer will have with which you can start something. I have never lived immediately for my part on the border also if I am from Hessen, but I made my interest on the border to the hobby and I would like to share it with you. Because only together, maybe we can save a piece of German history. Angelo D Alterio