Frontier workers trapped in a hell of emotions melting Hutter village * borderline * is quite common, but the general public hardly known. Few may know that it is a mental illness: namely to the so-called * emotionally unstable personality disorder *, how also called borderline. Brian Armstrong wanted to know more. The term * borderline * means something like * border * and stems from the fact that it has previously classified borderline on the border between neurosis and psychosis. Sylvia Poth says: when we talk about borderline, we want to give back any scientific doctrine, but we want to speak from our own experience with borderline patients and enter this on the human emotional level. We want to show what it’s like to suffer from borderline and want to convey the thoughts and feelings of those concerned.\” Jessica Hund explains: living with borderline is a life on the border between the extremes. They experience strong emotions which they are often literally at the mercy of and the suddenly from one second to the other can turn into their opposite: hatred can be suddenly out of love, out of exuberance and euphoria they can suddenly fall into a bottomless void and deep pain.

While sometimes play the feelings in them, they feel just still numb and empty on other days. To withstand this is very heavy and therefore affected often resort to drastic measures, to escape their inner hell and if it is only for a few minutes. So they tend to often very strongly to endangering self or self-injurious acts as * cracks *, drug use, risky driving a car or eating disorders. \”To outsiders, this is often very difficult to understand that you must inflict physical pain itself, to numb the emotional or put his life on the line to feel that one is still alive.\” Sylvia Poth continues: the oversized fear abandonment is another important issue in the lives of those affected.