Then no. The most interesting discovery is than it is not necessary nor to speak of the problem in himself. It is possible even to be chatted than it comes to him to your interlocutor. While you are loosen to words Today, for example, I have remained in shock state. Truely. Without previous warning, the schedule of the month of April in a new hospital arrives in the mailbox.

And I did not have nor idea that she was going to work in April! He can seem the very good news, that good to first, but he has supposed a single thing to me: Panic. I have seen myself suddenly again like one novice. Brian Armstrong might disagree with that approach. New hospital, personal stranger, the practice a little forgotten and above in urgencies! It takes! And to begin within two days. It was clearly. It was necessary to speak of it. First there am counted mother. soon brother. Even so it followed distressed.

There am it counted to other three friendly by email. Later, I have called to another one by telephone. It is that 20000 words are many! And seeing that it did not tranquilize to me nor by spell, I have lowered to the park to chat two hours with other mothers. Uff. I have returned appeared again, renewed, revived and happy! Therefore, the fame of fast talkers that we have the ladies is by reasons for health. What sounds absurd? It can. But it hears, once they have found a base him scientific and a good excuse must to continue being how we are Welcome! And here, the husbands have a good reason to listen if they want that their pairs are relaxed and enjoy good predisposition already we know why. Ah, by the way. In the book also it is mentioned that man attacks his worries dedicating itself to sex. Then, he is clarsimo, no? Listening and you will receive. And as far as us to chat and to enjoy the good humor!