to them! you try to sell things that don’t want to! It totally changed strategy, harassment and demolition of the staff with your Super business opportunity doesn’t work, increasingly people are more tired of shenanigans, wanna sell your opportunity?Well, takes note of the first rule: don’t PRETEND to sell never anything okay, do that? Mira no matter the tremendous product you have between hands, no matter your promises of winning thousands of dollars, that are promises, it is only smoke and people are tired of all this. We are going to sell a product new and revolutionary, something that no one else can offer. You’re selling yourself, the entrepreneurial business.

Applies the techniques of attraction marketing, attracts people towards you that you generate content value, that you’re a person that you can guide them to success, a person that is appreciated and fully trusted.Does not explain why, but there are a half-dozen people that I consider my friends, and we have never spoken! I have seen them work in the network, I have seen your videos, I visit your blogs, I learn of them, I appreciate them and admire them and, if many times have finished buying them any of their products. Why is that give me quality material, that is that I will help to achieve my dreams and rays! I think that I appreciate them really!And if you manage that, you leave that you are aware of and that they caught some esteem, who value what you’re doing, they will be very willing to hear about your business, in fact not only entering your MLM, if not that possibly buy the tools you recommend them generating fees and additional benefits that they’re going to come in very handy when you are starting and the economy is not very bollant with your business.

Let them chase people and let people to come to you.See for example this post, named some of my business? NO!Indeed, in 90% of my messages on my blog I don’t speak none of my business and I am however, having much more success than before when it was the excellence of MLM companies that was, not even be where come these new affiliates! Attraction marketing, remember this word, consists of making the contrary that makes a traditional seller, who wants to bring their customers everything you can.This is different, gives, gives, and gives everything you can: your knowledge your resources, share your experiences and your experiences, be yourself, do not fear to put your photos and your videos on the network and see you imperfectly human at the end can feel identified with you that you’re seen as one of them rather than as a seller and perhaps even catch you appreciation. MLM businesses are based on relationships, first ganate that relationship and quiet that they will come to ask you for your business.