Life is insecurity, to every moment is directed toward one greater insecurity. It is a gamble. One never knows what is going to happen. And it is beautiful that one never knows it. If predictable, not It would be worthwhile to live life.

If everything is as we would like it to be and if everything was a certainty, we would not be a man, we would be a machine. There are only certainties and safeguards for machines. Life is a mystery; the more you know it, more beautiful it is. There comes a time when, suddenly, we begin to live it, we started to flow with it. Insists Osho in pointing out us, that life is not a technology, or a science.

Life is an art, we have to feel it. It is like walking a tightrope. The best way of losing their lives is having a certain attitude towards it. Attitudes have their origin in the mind, and life overcomes the mind. Attitudes are our creations, our prejudices, our inventions. Life is not created by us; on the contrary, we are only waves on the Lake of life. What kind of attitude can have a wave with respect to the ocean? What kind of attitude can have a blade of grass toward the Earth, the Moon, the Sun or stars? All attitudes are egoistic, all the attitudes are stupid. Life is not a philosophy, is not a problem; It is a mystery. There to live it, not according to some pattern of conduct, not according to a conditioning, according to what you have told us about it. You have to start again, from scratch. Adds us also Osho, as reminds it us, that you must live life so dangerously as we can. You have to live it fully, intensely, passionately, because life is the only God. .