DocPath, capital company hundred per one hundred leading Spanish in documentary software manufacturing, has announced the addition to its family of new functionality that makes it possible for electronic invoicing solutions. Easy to implement and manage, it will allow companies to comply with the regulations and technical specifications imposed by the public administration for the issuance of invoices formatted Facturae. More information: as set out in the order PRE/2971/2007, since the month of August, all those companies that submit an abbreviated profit and loss account will have to transmit their invoices to public administration in electronic format. A provision which shall comply with the rest of the organizations as of November 1, 2010. To comply with regulations and ensure that an electronic invoice has the same legal validity that issued a paper, digital document that represents it must contain enforceable mandatory fields to any invoice, be signed by an advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate and be transmitted from one computer to another with the consent of both parties. Safety, comfort and reduction of times, advantages of the electronic invoice this functionality allows you to obtain a digital signature of documents in PDF format, and ensure integrity thereof, as well as the identity of the signer with total security. Thus, DocPath offers organizations the ability to anticipate the entry into force of the new regulations governing billing systems, since its implementation can provide significant improvements in business processes.

In addition to being a system completely safe and more comfortable, electronic billing reduces times of sending and receiving invoices and has a guaranteed return on investment, which reduces the costs associated with printing and the transfer of the paper in a significant way. About DocPath DocPath is a venture capital firm one hundred percent Spanish, leader in document technology software manufacturing. Founded in 1992, it has its headquarters in Madrid, has two centres of development and is present with its solutions in companies around the world. Its international clients include renowned banks and corporations of frontline, which facilitates the complex and difficult task of design, generate and distribute their critical business documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to r & d, intended that 50 per cent of their income and area in which lies one of the keys to its success. For more information, visit: DocPath and the DocPath logo are trademarks of DocPath Document Solutions. All rights reserved. Other trademarks may be property of their respective owners.