Spanish Introduction Buenos Aires is a place to stroll, but also to go shopping and enjoy a ride, or a different way of discovering the city.And in Buenos Aires, as in any large city, multiple and mixed go shopping with eyes and ears may be a ‘journey within the journey. To do it, make a plan (which can add, if done well, two hours boat ride, this time in virtual format), so to set limits on purchases of products and possible routes. The supply is abundant and varied and there are circuits with very different profiles. In several of them combine shopping with gourmet cuisine can be an excellent choice. Without Moroccan market or labyrinthine, Buenos Aires allows quick purchases. The hurried traveler can access a large number of products in an output of no more than an hour and a half, counting the round trip to and from any downtown hotel.Large shopping malls and commercial premises in the streets and avenues in the Central with a growing awareness of the demands of foreign tourists, offering fixed prices and in the light, varied payment methods and international style transactions that require language proficiency (many sellers are handled, at least crudely, in English). Here are some reviews and tips for travelers with travel time and hurry, to focus on taking advantage of the favorable exchange rate and those lost to the lure of objects. The plan The planning, you know, helps us make your time you are out of certain places or items that we consider particularly interesting. Moreover, it is almost essential if it is explored in some detail some of the shopping channels available, or if you want to combine shopping with dining or visiting art exhibitions. Porte os the advice of friends, or employees of the hotel, plus Web browsing time will be enough to get an idea of the finished areas to visit and the desired products. What to Buy Buenos Aires broadly answers to what is expected of a major city in procurement: famous international brands of apparel and accessories, but not all product lines, local products, from wine to premium quality shoes options design-and some more experimental-in clothing, equipment and decoration, painting-and-out, antiques, folk art, though perhaps to a lesser amount and variety than in other Latin American capital cities, “typical-Creole silver, leather , and even polo horses! – and a host of other options at a low price as the primary attribute. It may not be exaggerated is unforgivable that someone leave Buenos Aires without any of these objects (or without at least trying to find them): A pair of tango shoes, the shirt of a football club, a copy of the first edition of One Hundred Years of Solitude, a book of Borges, a backpack in the shape of mythical BKF, a CD of tango, a bedspread santiague o a comic book or the Eternauta Mafalda, a souvenir of the Teatro Colon, a bottle of Malbec, a CD with songs by Leguizamon and Castile.