A news character Dr. EDWIN SAMBRANO VIDAL Dr. Jose Agustin Reveron Orta come knowing, since several years ago, a colleague who has been highlighted by his clean and exemplary professional practice: Dr. Edwin Sambrano Vidal. It is for me a high honor draw some lines, dedicated to this character of the Forum, which I emphasize and will from today highlight the legal activities of those who work for the rights of others, mysticism, ethics, decorum and professionalism. I begin with Dr. Sambrano Vidal, is example, among us lawyers.

Anyone deign to give their opinions of who we work this matter, only hear insane comment. It is Dr. Edwin Sambrano Vidal, a lawyer well-known in Venezuela and very spatially in our Bolivar State. This is precisely because of his professional activity, activity that has unfolded with legal technique, attached to the most sacred ethical and moral principles. Dr. Edwin Sambrano Vidal ran for the Office of Defender of the people of the Republic to “pedimento” of a series of institutions and friends. For Dr. Edwin Sambrano this nomination was not coincidence, because the acts and facts of his life, such as the defence of human rights, in which worked Similarly, the social and labour, lead him to that position.

Protection, promotion and study of human rights, it has been as yours since it was a matter of study and in that era, human rights were unknown and unused. It belonged to youth by the 1970s movements when driving it from the UCAB named third movement youth and later the free movement for the years 1972, which allowed revolutionize this University in the search for the right to universal education, the ideas frank debate, academic freedom, the student organization and a true and real college co-gobierno. It should be noted that these two movements arise some journalistic bodies, the of Third youth and Dazibao and equally important activities that have pierced the frontiers of the own UCAB undoubtedly influencing the reorganization of the national student movement, with emphasis on the University.