If there is a fratricidal war in Bolivia, – which is still the most likely future scenario-, the main supporter of Morales will be Chavez, that is supplying arms to the Government boliviano in amounts never seen and announced that it will send support troops to the new Red Army in training. If the Argentina is interfering in the conflict, it will be to strengthen Chavez and Morales, creating a climate of high regional tension, because ni Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, ni Peru frontier with Bolivia-, and even less the United States, who depend on everyone, are on the side of Bolivian President who looks with growing and justified distrust, as you are imposing your misguided indigenista totalitarianism and obey Chavez unconditionally. In the case of government interference K, in the Bolivian events, remains to be seen which side will be the military Argentine, usually more conservative than its President. Involving the Argentina in the violent domestic adventures of its volatile neighbor, can be the end of his ambitious politica-familiar career. The Kirchner moves occur in a circumstantial environment difficult to define by his inconsistency. At the global level supports to Chavez, who is allied with Ahmadinejad, – ardent anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American-, but his country maintains good ties with the Jewish community, the Church and the U.S.

Embassy. In regional supports Morales and his nationalist measures, which threaten the safety and interests of Argentine companies established in Bolivia. Kirchner is of Swiss origin, but their behavior is similar to the French. The Swiss don’t get with anyone, but nor ask anything to anyone. The French tumble with all, in pursuit of their national interests. Kirchner has only personal interests. He believes that he can maintain at the same time commitments with the United States and Venezuela.