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Qualified Retirement Planning! So Do Recognize Good Quality Consultant!

“An investment in knowledge and a good quality advice provides still the best interest!” Current reporting on the quality of banking consultancy shows once more that investors there can expect no more informed and comprehensive advice, but rather attempting to maximize company profits through pure product sales. “It protects against wrong decisions, which have devastating […]

Needs Of Vacationers Travel Baggage Insurance?

In which cases it is advisable to a Reisegepackversihcerung and the holiday season starts again some tips for a worry-free vacation that hot summer months are soon back, and the theme of travel luggage insurance is current again. Just imagine, hand luggage including cell phone, I-pod, photo camera and several expensive pieces of jewelry are […]

Private Pension Insurance – Still Safe?

The financial crisis has drawn some bond funds suffered. How safe are private pensions still? In times in which the existing financial crisis hits very high waves, it’s not exactly surprising, if the investors of a private pension scheme now also in concern to their deposits are. The uncertainty at the savers is currently growing […]

Screening Opportunities Used

DVAG tip for using your pension opportunities for prevention there are known ways. So nothing in the way is theoretically the financial protection of the age. But any private person can keep even an overview of the entire, constantly changing range of retirement provisions of the banking and insurance world? Or can call the three […]


The TOP interest rate guarantee of day money supply of Norisbank. The Norisbank makes already since some time about talking with their top 3-guarantee, now but also appropriately implementing this promise. Due to the increasing overnight interest of competitors increases now the Norisbank its overnight interest rate from 4.25 to 4.50 per cent p.a. and […]

Current Development

Overview of the development of building interest in the last years. For 15 years, construction interest rates move continuously downwards and reached your historic nadir this year (2009). Now, experts assume that the interest rates with the recovery of the economy will rise again. The lease are almost without interruption for more than 15 years […]

Legal Expenses Insurance Properly Put Together

For insurance can be chosen between several service components no matter whether a dispute between neighbours from the joint unit, you want to defend themselves against unjustified dismissal or one wants to enforce the guarantee of a dealer, a dispute before the Court can be expensive. Because in addition to the actual court costs, Attorney’s […]

Germany Insurers Respond

Cost advantages for singles by 20 percent solely with liability and redress possible Berlin, 08th April 2010 the single trend in Germany is unbroken. According to a population study of the society for consumer research (GfK) * there were for the first time in 2009 fewer households as single and childless households with children. The […]