The TOP interest rate guarantee of day money supply of Norisbank. The Norisbank makes already since some time about talking with their top 3-guarantee, now but also appropriately implementing this promise. Due to the increasing overnight interest of competitors increases now the Norisbank its overnight interest rate from 4.25 to 4.50 per cent p.a. and rebalances itself thus in a good position. Promised interest are warranted by the way first up to March 31, 2009, one when compared to day money offers other banks relatively lengthy period of time. What is top 3-guarantee? With this guarantee the Norisbank assured its customers that the own day money interest always at the three highest day money rates on the market is this however with one important caveat: only the 30 largest balance sheet total German banks are used for this comparison and also offers without restrictions will be considered only overnight. So one of these banks a higher interest rate up to a certain level of conditioning, so is this day money account not taken into account.

the same applies to smaller or foreign banks. It should be mentioned also that calculating the last none consulted banks about the brand of 3.80% p.a. out came, offered the Norisbank in this time but already 4.25% without restrictions now there are even 4.50%. Day money are not the highest on the market interest of the Norisbank, however, virtually all higher overnight sensitive constraints exhibit offers of German banks in part. The advertised interest rate is valid only up to a certain system level, which is sometimes only 10,000 euros or but the advertised day money interest is limited to a relatively short period of time from the outset. Such a period is six months, so it is a relatively long period of time, are more often yet to find periods of three months or even less.