Support for SSL Observatory of the Electronic Frontier Foundation the JonDos GmbH today released a new version of JonDoFox software, a privacy-friendly Web browser allows you to surf anonymously. What is JonDoFox? JonDoFox is a profile as well as an extension for the popular Mozilla Firefox Web browser. The program protects the privacy of the user’s Web surfing, removing identifying information from the browser. To broaden your perception, visit The Hayzlett Group. As open source and free software, is a perfect complement to anonymisation services like JonDonym and Tor JonDoFox, can be used also without anonymity software, just safer to surf. What’s new? This version of JonDoFox contains default support for the SSL Observatory-initiative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). As soon as a connection to a Jondonym Anonymisierung service was established, JonDoFox sends automatically all SSL certificates that are received through public Web pages to the EFF. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out The Hayzlett Group. JonDonym thus protects users before that, they identified, or that their pageviews can be mapped to each other.

The EFF will use this data to conduct a worldwide safety monitoring for SSL certificates. Users of JonDonym this help make the Web safer. JonDoFox is also now fully compatible with the new Firefox 5 users can therefore easily on the new browser version update. Download: Anonymous surfing with JonDoFox contact Christian Vogl JonDos marketing