Turquoise dreams at livings : the color of the sea, the freshness, the good mood and relaxation. For many trendy labels this wonderfully clear sound is never out of fashion! The eponymous gem is a traditional jewellery and healing stone, which enjoys great popularity for centuries. So also arts & crafts, DYRBERG/Kern and Ayala have named livings 2010 bar turquoise its color Favorites! Not only now in the summer is turquoise of Catcher: the effects of blue and green meet in turquoise. Who sees the color blue, think of the sky and the sea, on the final frontier. Green has a calming, harmonizing and contributes also a heat in itself, which is associated with hope, life and nature through the included yellow content. All of these features combined the fresh as well as bright turquoise and wonderful light way refreshment in the summer, on regenerating in winter: Turquoise is the colour of 2010! So several labels in livings in their latest collections have chosen accents Turquoise: Glittering Swarovski crystals, iridescent pearls and polished glass elements sparkle in bright turquoise to the bet. And last but not least, genuine turquoise unfold, include, in the beautiful jewelry by DYRBERG/Kern, arts & crafts and Ayala bar livings full effect to the oldest healing and gems in the history of mankind and draw everyone under her spell! Stylish and classy at the same time, this ornament is simply irresistible. Pure summer feeling in shades of Turquoise, the longing for the sea and wide awake and in livings provide radiant good humor! Turquoise is love at first byte: irresistible jewelry by DYRBERG/Kern, arts & crafts and Ayala bar! A trend of gorgeous turquoise livings !