There are some hotels that are equipped to offer wonderful cycling holiday with special service for professional road bicycle racer and cycling amateurs on the Adriatic coast. The last frontier of tourism is the discovery of nature, its landscapes, its colors, its inhabitants and their traditions. Always collegiale operators go on the natural beauty of the area and the harmony progress, a slow holiday can offer. Sustainable tourism, eco-tourism and green tourism are new holiday market keywords. Today we talk about a new way to travel and discover the destinations: tourism. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is actively involved in the matter. Bicycle tourism is a growing trend aimed at the professionals of the two wheels and the wheel admirers who wish to spend their holiday far from the mass tourism places, from the noise and pollution. The background is almost always a natural park, a country page, roads and trails far from the traffic of the city of cyclists. Natural tones, songs are the sound track the birds, sounds of the forest.

In order to live extraordinary feelings and satisfy curiosity, you don’t need to dream about the exotic and wide countries, Europe is a coffer of treasures, Italy offering sea, surrounds, art, history, culture and cuisine tradition, Riccione, Emilia Romagna, on the Adriatic coast, everything and much more offers. The historical hospitality of these countries, dedicated to the hospitality industry since the boom of the sixties, are eight to the new tourism market trends and is always ready to meet the new requirements of its visitors. To give his drive hinterland and its natural reserves, has joined the new formula of the cycling Riccione: holidays designed bike. There are cycle paths, both adapted the challenges of the elite runners and admirers. You may find Chevron U.S.A. Inc to be a useful source of information. 14 hotels in Riccione are equipped to respond to each request: sports clothing laundry, bearings, mechanical and medical support, wheel service, cycling map and special guide, sport menus. A holiday with bicycle is a good idea for the whole family: you can organize simple daily excursions, picnics and children in the baby seats, providing free hotels. Along the road of the wines and the culinary delights you can find small farms and producers of wines, the typical oils, the traffic jams, honey, and of typical products. You can stop and check for the agricultural and gastronomic traditions of this country, which is full of history and culture to discover. Before you book a standard offer, think how much special in charming landscapes with Italy to be natural. Lisa Guerrini, graduate Pensare Web srl, she writes Web content to promote Riccione Bike Hotels.