Determined, there can be situations in our everyday life that we would not associate with this subject in connection because the direct link is missing, and there is only a very subtle, not open far connection. Perhaps we feel only a reluctance or an indefinable blockade, to do something actually quite harmless, such as our child on the playground to go with, what is Yes to something beautiful, and what we consciously actually never would bring with our fear to die or to be able to lose in connection with the death. This reluctance a harmless expression of our alleged need is superficially for us”after sleep, and whether we us This guide can be or even not, we perceive it as relatively unwichtig. And in our unconscious a Szenario playing maybe, where we all the possibilities at the same time experience, which could be bedrohlich and potentially fatal: in the eating of ice cream, the child could swallow such as a bee, and these would stand then the child into the esophagus, which could have then a result in suffocation death. Or the child may fall awkwardly while climbing on the playground and breaks down the neck. Which possibilities there are infinitely many, and we know it. We are so fear driven, our fear of death is great, we will perceive dieselben perfectly real, if very unlikely Moglichkeiten as quite relevant and in this unconscious scenario as the most likely threat proportionally. This happens selbstverstandLich unconsciously, so for us not directly comprehensible, and as long as this is done in the veil of ignorance, we have of course not affect.

We perceive only the consequence of it all, that we have simply no right motivation, the SpielPlatz and thus ultimately seen, also not too often run after life to visit, and this most likely so rather rarely, reserved, or may not do. A step in the awareness we can go into the form for us, that we consider a connection between our fear to die and our moderation, add life as possible. And us at the same time the spiritual world and their tiefgrundiGen messages to open, which can give us information about our true origins and the existential life. If we become so aware of our spiritual existence, this will reduce our fear of the illusion of death”and hour dissolves ultimately also in due course. This raises our quality of life immensely and our lust for life, our willingness, to participate in the life, vastly greater space to the free development. To close this topic now, I want to tell from a picture what inspired me a very good and an intimate friend: if it is so, that we actually divine beings, eternally existing are like small with unlimited freedom, it must feel but at times, to live in a unterstelltem, so little and earthly laws muscles. And must it be gorgeous, even miraculously, when then the release happens, what we fear will advise call death? Should be a soothing, quite a pleasant operation be contrary to our negative occupied notion? Perhaps to rewrite that we have when we pull out our too tight shoes transfrontier long day at work, and our Erlostsein coaxes us the words with the feeling: Hhhhmmmmm… thats nice! This image, I like much better to see than death as the absolute end. It promotes is not the fear of seeming death, but in the Contrary, the joy of the coming home.