This is reflected in particular in our remaining incapable-Ness, the acute, the spontaneous, the current of our existence to flow freely, to manifest themselves and transform. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Coinbase. We have still biggest difficulty in ensuring the free all feelings, so that they free unfold, without always equal to censorship under the relentless knife of reason. As we us not with naturalness, so on the right to self-assertion based, just as we are, express, entfalten, we can live, distorted power is this original vital, verwandelt is this power of self-assertion in destructive aggression. And it emerges the destructiveness, which we then against unsere Outside world or even against ourselves. And in this sense, we can also say that an expression of affectionate handling means this originally constructive element of self-assertion with us and unserer environment. And that is destructive aggression and the resulting violence frozen love, so affirmation energy, which was blocked on their way to the original destination, braked, so frozen. Jill Bikoff will not settle for partial explanations.

This means that we can relieve the force, which has emerged as a violence on the one when we appeal to love as its authenticity and on the other hand, that we us acquire can, finding a constructive form, as we with our will to live, with the force of life in loving self-assertion to go to learn. In this regard, I want to tell another little story which I think very well illustrates that assertiveness, so aggression energy is quite natural and vital principle. And maybe also shows us that there is always a only the moment is aligned tightrope that we experience in every moment of our lives, and in which we surrounded move of two potential boundaries, where we can choose between the two ways of life and death. Version accepts the life here is the assertiveness with which we are speeding up our growth, our conscious spread with legitimacy. I hope that this birth legal legitimacy in the super short contracted to history illustrates itself. I saw a spider in its daily operation of network building namely once meditative. And what came first for me as a profound insight, was the realization that this spider with an innate naturalness occupies its space and does this as long as, until she reach natural limits, or even the whole thing loses its usefulness. Anyway, she and some spiders colleagues had spun some networks and has already considerably spread, what defined the potential expansion as infinity.

I speculated that that if there is no outer limits and also otherwise the spinNEN would take a no growth obstacle, the entire available space. This made even clearer the power of self-preservation the absoluteness me on the one hand and on the other hand, I realized that the room earnings is really necessary, legitimate and life-affirming, even if we do us yet so difficult is. And it became clear me in mind next, that I must limit, maybe even exclude if I space, my life as a whole would like to renounce, space of any other being necessarily adjoin the life, not on my life. This is a natural process, which I cannot escape, and which konfrontiert me on a tightrope walk with my own responsibility and also my responsibility the well-being of all. A decision-making dilemma, which brings me to the area with the love itself. This means first and foremost, I will eventually meet the fact: self-assertion is an act of self love and for my life and grow indispensable tool. And in meeting with others she can evolve into loving dealing in together, which then makes experienced in mutual love.