Uncertainty for landlords, rent should be increased if they are confronted with Mietminderungen due to apartment defects and costs account in about half of all bills of costs is not correct; so the German tenants Association. However just the tenant has long been not always be borne! Every landlord can raise the rent right sure and quickly settle costs and operating costs. Landlords can protect also against rent reductions and not every housing shortage entitles the tenant to reduce rents, so Thomas Trepnau, textbook author and lecturer. Rent increases are not a book with seven seals. The yield from a rented property is maintained only if market rents will be generated. “Lift easy and right secure the rent on the level of comparable apartments or using a Mietspiegels or a rental database.” This advice comes from rank.

Thomas Trepnau has conducted countless seminars on this topic. More money with rent increases to be latest Advisor”it makes each Landlord easy and helps to plan including modernisation measures and correctly announce the tenant. The lease creates an important prerequisite for the billing of operating costs and expenses. There, all recoverable operating cost to be settled about the need to be called explicitly. Include, for example, the so-called allocable overheads: property tax, the cost of water supply, the cost of the drainage, the cost of heating and hot water, the cost of the elevator, the costs for road cleaning, waste disposal, etc. The recoverable costs are listed in the operating costs of regulation. Cost elements, which there are not defined as operating costs, may not be passed on to the tenants of the apartment.

This is for example the case with maintenance costs. There is more scope for tenancies of premises. Here, the apportionment of maintenance costs under certain conditions is possible. The same applies for the Administrative costs. His book, expect your tenant from operating costs, the second rent “provides all the important information for the correct settlement of the lettings. Often overestimate their ability to reduce rental tenants and risking even the termination of the lease. Not all apartment defects shall entitle to the reduction in rent, and certainly not in any amount. An extensive case-law has dealt with this topic. “Author Thomas Trepnau shows in his book the secret of the damp wall reduction in rent, that not every reduction in rent or rent reduction must be tolerated due to errors on the leased from the landlord. Assuming that you know what’s behind this issue of rent reduction”is and well prepared has. In his clear language, the author accurately leads the reader through the Mietdschungel. To each book are the corresponding sample letters described and every reader for immediate use on the enclosed free CD-ROM available. The books are as download versions or bound editions available, in bookstores in all known online book shops, as well as on the website of the author and Publisher. V.i.S.d.P.