A law is something that is independent of you. As the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you are evil or good humor, with negative or positive attitude, indifference to life or clarity of purpose with apathy or enthusiasm jumps out of a third floor and fall like a lead weight to the floor. This dynamic is also applicable to law of action and reaction, which says that any act generates a consequence. That if you do something, you produciras a result.

This law has a corollary: If you want a result in particular, search for executing action that precedes it. This last expression of the law is one of the bases of all the literature of self-help, personal and professional development. But less obvious is a fact that for many goes unnoticed (and sometimes with nothing desirable consequences). Those who do not realize this live as victims of the law rather than seize it consciously. The issue is that you can not escape action and, therefore, of the reaction.

In other words: always are doing something and gestating an effect. It is obvious that if you do exercise of appropriately (action) improvements your health (outcome). But less present is the fact that if you pass it you sitting all day (action) experience sooner or later the effects of a sedentary lifestyle (result). Not because you think you’re doing anything the law no longer enter in effect. You’re sitting watching TV without doing anything to eating junk food? This is an action that, if it is repeated often and excess, will take you to a destination marked by low energy, weight gain and possible depression. Do you think that because you have not had the conversation with your partner that you’ve avoided all is well? Think again: inaction is an illusion; you are running the action not talk and this will have its consequences. You’re always doing something and therefore you are always contributing to the production of an effect. What is the result to which you are pointing when you think you’re not doing something? What is what you’re not doing that, in reality, it is taking you closer to a particular outcome? I reiterate it: not making is a way of acting which is equally subject to the law of action and reaction. Take care of this. Because in the background there is an only type of victim: one who lives to the effect of his own unconscious. Do not fall into that trap. Action can not escape. Not the reaction that follows it. The law is always present. Use to your advantage.