Similarly, the Guarani is in the mass media (radio, newspapers and broadcast); the same thing that, in advertising promotion, including large international brands that are in an interesting medium to obtain more and better income. Today the Guarani is also in the universities of Paraguay, and is also widely used by athletes and artists and international personalities. And although it seems an irony, the Guarani is immersed in Paraguayan Spanish syntax. It is impossible to find a Paraguayan who once said not venina, hablaleke, querehina vo quepiko, hit debaldeite, gua u nomako I told you, I niko knew no loo. We have incorporated to our Spanish the slightly, which is nothing more than the translation of the Guarani suffix my (ejumi = veni a little) or the expression itself that, is the translation of the Guarani suffix katu (oukatu = wine if that). The courage and daring Paraguai ndoguevi says a ne enga alluding to the courage and the audacity of our compatriots.

Nothing is impossible for us. In such cases we usually say i-costilla u pa va era or ndaipori irremedio yva, only death has ko embota the nairremedioiva. The Paraguayan was exposed, throughout its history, to a host of almost insurmountable adverse situations. Two wars, several revolutions and other harmful phenomena of nature seems that they tempered the spirit. For example, in the war of the 70 us enfretamos three powerful armies, and the war with Bolivia our fighters take the lose due to the great difference, against, in relation to the warlike implements.

The Paraguayan replaced with courage and audacity, that difference. To that effect, just remember fragments of the epic verses of Emiliano R. Fernandez, who in 13 Tujuti says: Ro atamahagui tesaraietepe my command Irra hendive Brizuela another pitopu Nanawa de gloria SMS ko eme ronenanduka Mokoivevoi ana mbaraka Hera opytama mandu Roheja arami hagua ore ra yrepe has the Leon chaqueno ijykerekuera Oscribi suck ipyahuva story Pedestal de gloria oma hagua Mayor Caballero ore ruvicha Tamonarokuera 13 Tujuti Oreave avei paraguayeteva Tiger Cub is usually Tuguyeta overo apytepe ou victory Soldado ja ero species ymi male ra tyre machito jey Regiment trece-pe opukavymi Ndaha eivante rojalavaseva Oime kuatiape 20 January Aga ikatuma I i Noroikotevei history nererochichi Penenongatu pee mbohapy Ndopamo aiha race the Paraguayan Guarani never loses.