The Spaniard, fifth at the gala this year round. Evans was succeeded as new King of the Tour de France. Alberto Contador, fifth classified in the Tour de France, has begun to think in the reconquest of the Tour of France noted that the coming year there will be no Tour and will return to win on the Champs Elysees. l coming year come back to win the Tour and I will concentrate on exclusively for this race, which is the most important. And so I will not go to spin. The Giro anymore, said the triple winner of the French test.

Contador, who saw cut a streak of six consecutive large as Victor, lived in Paris a rare feeling. He climbed not even on the podium. It’s a different year, a feeling that not lived since 2007, but leave me a good taste in your mouth. The year has been exceptional and I stay with that. Of all the ways I ask let me get me a while on the podium, noted ironically Alberto Contador.

The Madrid cyclist valued the fact of having made a career of less more. I started cautiously and the last days I was better. I did not win stages, but I’m going with good feeling, he said. Source of the news: counter announces that the coming year will not run the Giro to go “to the Tour to win’