Meanwhile, motorcycle tires are manufactured with two different hard rubber compounds. The requirements for motorcycle tires are as varied as the areas in which they are primarily used. The amount of moves by Motocross Enduro tyres tires Sport touring, Super Sport and race tyres. Next to the profile, especially the rubber compound is crucial for the properties of a motorcycle tire. Because when the tire is that rubber not equal to rubber. So there are according to 40c additives such as silica, a silicate compounds in all shades from soft to hard.

Soft rubber is required especially for road and racing bikes as they place great demands on the grip of a tyre. Motorcycle tires with a soft rubber compound, however, have the disadvantage that the tires on the running surfaces very quickly wear out. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Meanwhile, there are also motorcycle tires, which are not only made of a rubber compound. Because the individual areas of a motorcycle tire are different claimed. Will be by the middle of the tire in particular a low wear required to enhance the life performance. Grip is needed in contrast, especially on the shoulders of the tyres. The new super sports car tyre of company Michelin, Michelin pilot power 2 CT this is a good example of a such 2-components tyres. The same applies to the pilot road 2, also produced by the tyre manufacturer Michelin.

The latter is an evolution of the very successful motorcycle tire pilot road, which thrills motorcyclists since 2002. But other tire manufacturers have taken on board the principle of combination of different rubber compounds and are so successful. Ultimately, this technology promises not only a longer service life of the motorcycle tire, but also ensures greater driving pleasure and safety. Markus boos