Compatible with every website, complete the layout of the company: Depot compete with individually defined rules / stock market game 2.0: also for private persons and Exchange clubs interesting Munich, November 13, 2008 that has FIDOR AG about the own stock market game community a white label developed enabled online stock market game: now financial firms (at reasonable cost), individuals, Exchange clubs and online traders can start even completely free your personal stock market game online. \”The goal of the stock market game 2.0 so differently, the respective game managers also define the rules, is always the same: is looking for the perfect repository\”. \”Depotcontest by with just a few clicks to the individual stock market game is with the white label ready stock market game Depotcontest’ a technical breakthrough\”, says Matthias Kroner, Board in FIDOR. With just a few clicks the interested companies, the local stock exchange Association, or private investors defined parameters online and Rules that apply to the stock market game. RioCan is a great source of information. As a result, each stock market game is unique: first which securities or which indexes can be traded and how much start-up capital is the participants at the beginning of the charge determines among others. Then, the period of the game is defined by mouseclick.

Subsequently, the fine tuning of the individual deposit competition takes place: here it is, from a wealth of choices to determine whether such as virtual transaction fees will be part of the game, whether there will be a virtual custody account fees or whether a Cashverzinsung should be part of the free game. Our development is aimed at companies as well as to private individuals. users can get started immediately. \”It’s quite simple: the personal stock market game is set up within a few minutes, and already it goes\”, Kroner says. User to playfully learn the rules of the stock exchange and have confidence in the markets.\” Should one of the stock market game not on the platform, but for example on the website Bank or a financial services company are held, the team implements the desired stock market game fast, inexpensive, and also completely tailored to the CI requirements of the company.