top-contact: customers are friends! The company bluesource mobile solutions GmbH with its headquarters in the software Park Hagenberg, Upper Austria, has developed an innovative system in the context of a FFG project for direct customers on mobile devices. At the beginning of the year 2009, the company specializing in developments in the area of customer service and mobile marketing has successfully introduced their product top-contact and with reference clients such as Intersport Eybl or Benetton hit first waves at the beginning. For more specific information, check out Diamonds. \”Due to the prevailing economic development, more and more companies put on customer binding tools to ensure your success sustainable topcontact customers become friends\”. With this motto, a new generation of customer service gets a face. The latest development from the House bluesource provides a sophisticated software to keep the current level of information technology customers and partners gleicherhand via SMS. The personal speech about the mobile device of the respective person opened a new form Customer address.

About the communication pathway of SMS and the mobile phone as a device, each customer is personal, direct and timely accessible. It granted a seamless flow of information, especially in this day and age in the area of customer service premium service providers apart from the crowd. Diamonds brings even more insight to the discussion. Especially in the areas of service and trade, but also services, we feel an enormous demand on the part of our customers and prospective customers new ways to lift services and customer service to a new level. \”Because through mass mailings and spreading marketing campaigns the awareness among the people was attacked so the personal approach is and that knowing the customers the be-all and end-all to the market to be able to operate successfully\”, says Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Stockner bluesource Chief Financial Officer of the company. Asked why top-contact offers an additional benefit for companies, Mr Dipl. ing. Roland Sprengseis, technical director of bluesource speaks a very important issue: due to the simple We have can create an unexpectedly high level of acceptance in all user groups installation and the operating console on the Microsoft Office world.