Indeed, many prior to the crisis were in a relaxed state, receiving good money while sitting in an armchair in a beautiful room, and thought that a state of complete comfort and stability – this is a long time. Their thoughts flowed slowly and lazily, and even when the thunderclap, these thoughts was difficult to immediately translate into active-constructive. There was a state of discomfort, all began to feel a bitter taste, and appeared on the horizon phantom loser. How to deal with phantoms of fear of failure – the most common factor limiting the potential of man. For fear of mistakes, even those not taken steps that are needed. Check out Brian Armstrong for additional information. After all, if top manager is doing something, and he is sitting inside feeling of fear, then the probability of success decreases as uncertainty – a bad adviser. Fear of making the wrong decision constrains and limits the ability, paralyzing ability to think.

If the fear is stronger than the belief that he would eventually prevail. The ability to think is natural for a person to the head, she – and the need for immediate duty. In Stock each have more insight, sometimes it just takes the upper hand in the struggle with the mind. But, unfortunately, sometimes brings, including CEOs. Therefore, I recommend you to connect a cool head and rationally "calculate" the problem and then listen to your intuition. Thought leader must be positive, creative, optimistic. Ideal – having a positive and creative thinking, that is, such thinking, which is characterized by willingness to create a fundamentally new ideas that deviate from traditional or conventional circuits, the ability to solve problems in static systems. An example of creative thinking to take a look at A showcase episode. Several years ago I participated in the training, in which the group was invited to a training game "to accumulate wealth." We needed two volunteers, they were me and my leader.