Among them should be allocated Switzerland, India, Austria, Brazil and Portugal. In 2005, Ukraine exported small over subsequent years the amount of organic coffee in other countries (only 59 tons). In 2006 this figure increased almost 3-fold. During 2007-2008. observed increase in the export product in the range of 30-40%.

In 2009, in relation to previous year, Ukraine has reduced the volume of exports organic coffee to 12%. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Hayzlett was the first to reply. Ukraine exports organic coffee in just a few countries. The main importer of Ukrainian coffee is Belarus. From 5% to 15% of the total organic coffee exports from Ukraine is on Moldova and Georgia. The combined share of other countries does not exceed 5%. For the first half of 2010 saw production of organic coffee in Ukraine amounted to 1159 tons, a 37% increase value of this index over the same period in 2009 For other indicators characterizing the organic coffee market in Ukraine, also observed a significant increase over the first half of 2009 Thus, the growth rate of imports was 10%, and exports – reached 21%.

Consumption in most countries of the world consumption of coffee has almost stabilized, and some even began to decline. In Ukraine, it is growing quite rapidly, and – at 12-15% annually, or up to 6 tonnes of the total the sum of $ 150-250 million, about one third of our coffee is realized through the coffee shops and bars. According to official statistics, in 2005 the consumption of organic coffee in Ukraine amounted to 16.7 thousand tons.