Madrid, 20/08/09. Four women and four different styles, regarded by the magnifying glass of Marco Aldany, the Director artistic of the first Ensign of hairdressing and beauty of our country. And it is that Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama, Sonsoles Espinosa and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner have been analyzed by this professional to judge if they sweep and makeup at the height of the charge that represent. Assessment: note for the wives of Sarkozy and Obama and recommendations of look for the wife of our President and the Argentine policy change approved. Carla Bruni Estilo and hairstyle: the beauty of Carla, is a tribute to the classic elegance, has class and porte, and that is reflected in his look, both in hairstyle and makeup, sober, very natural and feminine. Without a doubt, hits fully on each occasion, surprising us each time with a different style, hair loose, semi-recogido or picked up. Distinction is the word of Carla says Aldany.

Color: Simple Mane in chestnut shades which usually show in different hairstyles depending on the event which attends gives her face a touch of warmth that counteracts with your complexion tone cold and his blue eyes. Michelle Obama hair Estilo and: most of the times is an impeccable straightening of hair, a short and unobtrusive mane smooth, neat, with brightness, with the ends inward and bangs falling on one side and very natural makeup. His style could well be a Democrat or a Republican style. If you chose to wear hair with her curls and its natural form, you might be surprised to some segments of America. However, it takes the look that people understand as acceptable.

Color: Its tone is faithful to the natural color of your hair to your skin. Mining Company has firm opinions on the matter. A few reflections or highlights of one or two lighter shades, suavizarian and dulcificarian your expression. Sonsoles Espinosa style and hairstyle: wears a modern hair, asymmetrical male cutting and Wicks’s tone contrasted with a prevalence of blondes that gives your image a fresh and youthful appearance but does not comply with the canon of first lady.