When they ask you what area of the company you would like to begin to work, answer proudly “in accounting.” Although many know that the issue is related to the numbers and management of a company or organization, no one really understands what it is and what is the motive and the goal of a company such department exists. What is Accounting? Several authors have attempted to define the accounting over time because different approaches have been emerging of matter with respect to the company. But in a brief and easy to understand, we say that accounting is the science or technical discipline of measuring, recording and interpreting the heritage of an entity either a commercial or a non-profit organization. The accounting consists of several procedures, as well, such as the quantification of its heritage and the organization of this information to facilitate decision making and management control of the entity. And in wanting to define it, and we are entering the second question we had raised at the beginning: What is your goal? According to experts, the object of study of accounting is the representation of the assets of a company from the views of static and dynamic, to determine their earnings, helping to control their operation and prepare the ground for proper decision making and successful by their managers or third parties. Their targets also include the monitoring of their assets and resources, and the observance of its obligations that entity. All this information is to process the data of the organization is used for management control, ie to assess the results of decisions and actions previously taken, or to control assets, ie take this information as an element of trial valid for new decisions and monitor resources and obligations of the entity.

With respect to third parties, information collected by the accounting department is useful for request and approve any claims or for the purchase of shares. Thus, this information is useful to owners and managers of the organization, but also to its shareholders and creditors. Furthermore, this information also to prevent omissions and fraud is intended to provide legal protection, since in some countries the entry of the account books have probative value as long as they carried out in accordance with current standards. The goal or end product of accounting are financial statements or financial statements, which summarize the financial and economic position of the entity and are useful both to the company itself as to third parties.