You are the head of the company and are tired of the problems with accounting, which detach from the main activity? Can not find common language with the chief accountant, who works efficiently enough, but also requires high salary? Or are you the head of the new company and would like to arrange a personal matter, so that accounting has not been the Achilles heel of your business, worked as efficiently as possible, and it did not have problems in the future? So you should pay attention to the increasingly used in the field of accounting outsourcing – accounting services and accounting support. Outsourcing (from the English. Outsourcing – borrowing resources from the outside”) denotes the performance of foreign companies are not specialized for this particular business activities or functions. This allows you to concentrate your forces on the core business and not wasted on party, but still required work processes, without prejudice, but rather – and benefit from, for business, because you get a work of high quality professionals who are familiar with all the caveats in this sphere and are able to successfully bypassed. The accounting outsourcing services is divided into two components: accounting services and accounting support. One type of external accounting services – this accounting accompaniment. It is as follows: accounting company assumes the function of your chief accountant, with all its features. When accounting services company usually takes the following commitments:

Tax optimization; maintaining the necessary documentation on the basis of available primary documents; preparation and submission of reports to regulatory bodies; formation of the accounting registers accounting. The service, called “accounting services” means by itself maintain absolutely all reporting client.

This service usually attracts small businesses with little or no paperwork. Indeed, in such a situation there is no need for the establishment of the accounting department, and in comparison with the difficulty of suitably qualified staff member, the services of an accounting firm will be worth much less. In the West, most Small and medium-sized businesses use external accounting services. In the face of fierce competition, they choose the cheapest and effective ways of accounting in order to receive maximum profit. Appreciate all the advantages of an external accounting support.