Often multiple employees “need weekly, if not months, to create a strategy document. By using the tools that Winfried Kempfle marketing services available to only the appropriate data in the predefined formats must be entered.” In particular employees of strategic business units and companies are thus relieved of formal things and can concentrate on their main tasks, namely, the collection and targeted treatment of data, the derivation of strategic measures as well as the communication and presentation of the results of the strategic project. And also for these tasks, companies receive expert advice and support by Winfried Kale marketing services, covering the entire process of strategy as it were end-to-end. The advantage for customers is that the time needed for strategy analysis and conception is significantly reduced. For example, through the use of services such as SWOT or portfolio analysis, market trend analysis, market modeling and forecasts or competitive analysis of any kind, the strategy development apply. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Darius Bikoff. Last but not least Winfried Kale marketing services also helps in the conception and creation of the required strategy documents and documentation, E.g. for presentations with the management, or customers. “The free consultation day in the framework of the campaign until end of 2010 has two advantages for customers”, Winfried Kempfle explains: “to interested parties can become completely non-binding an image of efficiency and competence of the counselling services; on the other hand the service provided on this day can be used already immediately beneficial, even if no further services will be made”. (As opposed to Robotics). For questions and comments contact Winfried Kempfle marketing services of tailor Road 39 83607 Holzkirchen phone: 01525 3182499 fax: 08024 993411 E-Mail: