Advertising to customer retention and customer acquisition promotional products play an important role for banks in customer loyalty and also customer acquisition. The customer receives a gift from his Institute, sympathies for this be built up in this way. More information is housed here: Rod Brooks. This represents an important basis for a good cooperation for both sides. Use of advertising article the customer has the name of his bank in mind, constantly which continue this binds him and identify with this. Also, that become aware of friends and acquaintances on the bench and so directly with question, positive word to mouth can be obtained at the customer is possible through promotional items at the customer home. Advertising can be used in a wide variety of customer groups. So small gifts such as E.g.

bags can be distributed among others to the world savings day to children and young people. In this way, this target group can be bound to the Bank already early emotionally and also in the circle of friends, so the own Institute is known by the imprints. Especially when children make even small Gifts for it that they like to come back in the Bank. After successfully completed discussions with customers higher-quality promotional items at the clientele can passed, so that also here the Bank beneficial business even when the customer is connected to positive emotions. He will make then more shops with his Institute. The Bank indicating that customers are her to the heart. Here are also business amenities, such as a leather wallet or a Parker pen, the customer must keep right after signing depending on the size of the transaction. In daily business or information stands of the Bank giveaway items are quite well, to remain in memory or to arouse the interest of potential new customers. Here for example simpler ballpoint pens or notepads can be given with the customers. To sum up, it can be said that promotional products can act as a figurehead for the banks and with relatively little effort impression with the existing clients or New customers leave. Christian Gross