You can notice that his ENTire muscles will relax, because he is sure he wants to decide. Best seen this relaxation of the face and the loose neck and shoulder muscles. His posture is systematischer. In other words, he sits or stands upright, and has no bias attitude or other deviations from its Center (inneren). His eyes begin to shine. As for transfrontier small child who gets a gift, you will realize that the eyes begin to shine.

The pupils get bigger, they dilate. In other words, his perception is GEscharft. 2. linguistic signals of purchase the customer asks for details about your product, because he now can imagine, actually kaufen this product. He thus puts itself in the State already to besitzen it and for that reason you ask Customer to Einzelheiten. He compares the product may recognize the benefits of your product. He asks for additional products.

MNAC he has choices or additional opportunities to expand this product. There are two different considerations that can help us to find out how far our client is actually. If your customer upon the completion of the sale is associated, can imagine really figurative, as he arbeitet with your product, then it is a 100% signal. Your customer is dissociated, that is, indicated by his choice of words, that everything is still pretty far away from him, then you should wait. The customer must have the absolute desire now to buy your product or service. After the sale is prior to the sale. Bring your buyers to finally laugh! Customer relationship is immensely important. Your client must be in peak condition! Congratulate him on this good decision. Because as a seller of top selling not only products or services, but determined feelings and States. These are positive, also your seller’s life for the positive change. by Marc M. Galal, sales trainer from Frankfurt