Today we move borders again. Not in Africa but in Africa North. If the ‘Dear Negro’ (Heinrich Lubke) today strive for Europe, we Europeans have caused this! After the so-called race for Africa (English: scramble for Africa) in imperialism, the boundaries of Africa, with the ruler, were established by the Europeans. These were more of longitudes and latitudes, as in naturally occurring boundaries. In very many cases so all truncated nomadic population groups (ethnic groups) and centres of their food sources, and natural resources. Almost all African States were originally founded within artificial limits, which took no account of the existing agricultural, linguistic, religious or tribal boundaries.

Most borders were set finally to the Congo Conference in Berlin. Today we Europeans in Brussels and Warsaw decide a border fence must be as high for more about no Africans can climb. Or we play Battleship in the Mediterranean. > The European Agency for the management of operational cooperation at the external borders (Frontex shortly, from the French for Frontieres exterieures) is an agency of the European Union based in Warsaw. It is responsible for the cooperation of between Member States at the external borders of the EU. Frontex was established in 2004 by Regulation (EC) 2007 / 2004 of the Council of the European Union of 26 October 2004.

Frontex has 256 employees (as of October 2010). For operations the Agency relies on the concept of rapid border intervention team (Rabits), units used in exceptional situations and urgent cases for a limited period of time. The equipment needed is provided if required an extra for this created catalog, the centralised record of available technical equipment (CRATE). The Frontex budget continues from contributions of the Schengen Member States as well as in individual years articles of Norway, Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom together. in 2005, the Agency had 6.2 million, 2006 over 19.2 million euros, 22.2 million euros in 2007 with 2008 over 70 million plus a reserve budget of 13 million euros.