Without place to doubt, this is the most effective trick to improve the productivity. 4. To delegate tasks in the other people. That things can do others in your place? Of the tasks that you could not discard totally in step 2, as you can happen to another person? To aim to the end, your you are the person who is trying to increase YOUR productivity. The world is full of enchanted people to make any thing with so of not doing the really important thing.

Considralo outsourcing arranged. 5. When you initiate an activity tries to follow you finish until it. Many of us (he is one of my majors defects) we are prone to be making 20 things simultaneously. He is always funnier to take something new that aplicarte concientiously in a task by halves. But you are not in the work only for divertirte. In order to secure results it is necessary to be diligent. Each project happens through three phases: starting, development and conclusion.

To happen through the part of development is essential to be able to conclude. If it is impossible to finish it everything in a sitting, divides to the task in smaller activities. They must be sequential concrete steps that take to the final conclusion of the task. In this way, you will have a clear plan and a list of steps that you can be erasing. 6. It identifies the dependencies to which you are subject. Sometimes you have put haste to finish something, to arrive and only to verify that you cannot follow until another one has not finished his? The fault of this is yours! Previously if you had seen the dependencies you could have rearranged your priorities. It does not have nothing else frustrating that to use a concerted effort soon not to be able to conclude the task until another one finishes (almost always behind schedule) its part.