“Buchenwald reserve ‘Wild beech’ by ForestFinance and b.a.u.m. is now excellent place in the”land of ideas”this year draws the initiative Germany land of ideas” innovative ideas and concepts that are for a modern, open and sustainable Germany. “Since in particular the issue of sustainability, this plays an important role, this year the forest reserve is wild beech” ForestFinance and b.a.u.m. E.v. of one of the outstanding 365 places in the land of ideas “has been… Some 40 guests were at the awards ceremony on June 13, 2012 in Hummel, Rhineland-Palatinate, present, including Peter Wohlleben forest district leader of the community of Hummel, Franz-Peter Schmitz, Mayor Hummel, laudator Harald Jung, of the Deutsche Bank, as well as Mira Nuremberg ForestFinance and Rainer Kant by b.a.u.m. e.V.

as a cooperation partner of the project. The award and recognition of the project in the land of ideas “contest are delighted”, as Mira Nuremberg, project manager at ForestFinance, at the event. We hope that even more companies in the project participate and make a contribution to the climate and biodiversity as well as the preservation of an ecosystem that is very rare.” Before the award ceremony, there was still opportunity to experience the forest reserve during a tour of the forest. German beech forests make an important contribution to biodiversity, as well as to the climate and environment protection. But there are now only a few contiguous areas with trees provided their naturalness. ForestFinance and b.a.u.m. E.v.

offer companies and individuals in the wild beech forest protection project”now the possibility of active participation in the protection of 100 acres of woodland with already several hundred years old trees. In Hummel/Rhineland-Palatinate surfaces with especially old and rare beech forests are leased each for a period of 50 years with the sole purpose to protect them. With the proceeds, Hummel forestry operations financed more forest areas and their ecological, sustainable Management.