(Online article) – the big party in the wide, black all Hamburg (dpa) – for the eleventh time now the Star Trek crew the journey in “final frontier” appears. Hollywood film director of J. J. Recently RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust sought to clarify these questions. Abrams (“mission: impossible III), the also the screenplay was co-written, trying to draw especially viewers in the theater not so far could – inspired for the series or were simply too young. The story plays back as the predecessor films total time turns and six TV series into a utopian world of the future – but a little and tells about the beginnings of the people in the spaceship enterprise. The main characters Captain Kirk (Chris Pine from Kissed to happiness), Mr. Spock and Scotty can be found together as a young team and first experience on their journey of discovery through the universe. Winona Ryder mothered the Vulcan Spock in the new Strip, and there is also a touching reunion with Leonard Nimoy, the now 78-year Spock original. Star Trek 11 official trailer (Star Trek, United States 2009, 126 min, FSK off 12, by J. J. Abrams, with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana)