Ad Harzburg, the gateway to the National Park Harz, is an ideal starting point for hiking in the nearby mountains for Kraftsuchende – magical hiking: myths and fairy tales have grown up by always around to the area at the foot of the brocken. WALPURGIS night, Hexentanzplatz, brocken spectre, or scene of Goethe’s Faust – Mystic’s was always in the Harz mountains. Many ancient places of energetic power are by modern \”witches and rediscovered natural friends. In Bad Harzburg, Germany established practitioner walks to the roots of power\”on. These power trips awaken spirits and bring back blocked energy in the flow.

The right, to healthy and invigorated the winter meet. For more information about the offer magical hiking \”see: magisch_wandern. For aspiring alpinists – Elias Devil entrance and the Harzer Hexenstieg bathroom: The shuttle to the famous Harzer Hexenstieg, which leads to North Germany’s highest mountain, the brocken (1142 m), is the diabolical hiking trail of Bad Harzburg, Germany. The evil am Bath Elias Devil rose is not the total length of 13 km, but on this 13 km total 950 devilish altitude to cope with. Hikers should bring a good level of fitness and the corresponding equipment for all weather conditions. The harsh climate of the brocken is equivalent to an altitude of 2,000 metres in the Alps! There is a direct connection to the Harzer Hexenstieg from the brocken. \”More information under: Devil Stieg for frontier workers – Harzer Wandernadel hiking trail network: the Harzer Wandernadel hiking trail network\” is a wandering project unique in its expansion in Germany.

It combines one of the most versatile hiking areas of in Germany, the Harz mountains, across State borders. 222 worth seeing places in the Harz, the control points to the Harzer Wandernadel hiking for hikers are available. You are in the vicinity of romantic forest restaurants, rustic shelters, and a variety of spectacular vantage points.