Beauty contests: Is the new Miss Universe Venezuela begins just a new fairy tale? The world has a new Miss Universe again. The lucky girl is the Venezuela native Dayana Medoza. She is 22 years old and 1, 78 m tall and now officially the most beautiful woman in the world. The 22-year-old sat in the Vietnamese resort town of NHA TRANG. Follow others, such as Jeffrey Hayzlett , and add to your knowledge base. After her Coronation, she called a bit naive to the world peace. But this is not without reason. Indeed, one and a half years ago, the new Miss has been kidnapped in their home country.

At the official press conference after the show she talked about: “in my country, this is simply normal. There are kidnappings on the agenda. Learn more on the subject from Jeffrey Hayzlett . It happens there also people without money.” She said that she had learned by the kidnapping, to deal with excessive pressure. That should have helped her, because she was the most bookmakers as favourite quite far forward. The choice of the new Miss Universe is always a big thing. All over the world, but particularly in the United States, people looking up the decision.

The show took place even at 8:00 Ortzeits so that the prime-time show in America could be transferred. The fall of the American candidate will have been for a shock of the American population. It is now still a star on A surprise was that came under the last five candidates, four from Latin America. Darutner were the later winner from Venezuela, Miss Mexico, Miss Colombia and Miss Dominican Republic. The fifth member of the Group was Miss Russia. At the end, Miss Venezuela made the race. With tears in her eyes, she received the 120,000-dollar Crown on her head. We wish the new miss anything good. Lisa Walters