Stark Bicycles are the best-selling and actively growing nationwide bicycle brand. Bicycles Stark led his stalwart property – quality and reasonable price. Our extensive range of bike will suit the needs of each, even the most .: not unknown for their quality and reasonable price for most people. The quest for a healthy image of life leads to the huge prevalence of children’s bicycles. We can offer you Children’s Bicycles in a large range.

Children’s bicycles are on two and three wheels (two wheels dummies). Children’s Bicycles should be quite nice and convenient boarding. Buying Children Bicycle, be especially attentive to the size of the frame. High quality, Bike BMX, are designed for extreme sports, performing different tricks. Ctroenie BMX bike is exceptionally high reliability of the frame and fork for the inviolability when performing tricks. BMX bikes have 20 inch wheels for racing on the BMX bike 24-inch wheels are used and more. Rollerserf is a totally new design principles with special action. A man driving on Rollerserfe, has a chance to try to feel sensations such gusto, as in the one-time Surfing.

Rollerserf produced not so long ago and just starting to become popular in Moskve.Rollerserf: can be used for aggressive skating, and for ordinary walking. Rollerserf intended for adults and detey.Rollerserf: has two wheels. Do not compare with Rollerserf skateboard, they have quite different style of driving. Heelys Roller Shoes is. To Heelys Roller shoes have served as long as possible for them to properly care for. Roller sneakers and HEELYS – sneakers with a hollow in the heel, which is inserted wheels, or a special plug, transforming a standard roller sneakers sneakers obuv.Rolikovye: Heelys can not be washed in a washing machine. Roller for cleaning shoes need to use a large brush and did not warm water (you can even soap). When cleaning a must to remove the clips from the nest. If your rollers have worn on heelysah, you can replace them by buying a new set of rollers and bearings.