Flamenco dream, Network Roadster, Peach, Hot Apple Is easy to lose itself in a sea of options of color of the painting. And it is very difficult to decide what painting colors are the best ones for their home. Although the color of the painting is really a question of personal taste and preferences, are some ways (seven, in fact) to make the decision more easily a little. 1. It finds a little inspiration To leaf through a design magazine, to visit in Internet a pair of connections decoration is a great amount of information will give great ideas him. But also it can find inspiration in nonhabitual sources or unexpected, like the color of its favorite t-shirt or a color in the box of food to take that they ate in dinner the color it is throughout. Mantngase alerts and observes his around, the suitable color more for its space can be anywhere.

2. It takes to his source of inspiration to a local ironworks or painting store They must be able to create a painting color on the base of his musa. If you cannot physically bring in the color that the love (that is to say, the color of the wall of a friend), asks if you can request a painting cover (also known like the cover the ventilator a) and to try to equal the color to one of the Chips. 3. It follows the example than already it owns The perfect color for its walls already could be in its living room. You can look for a color that complements its existing furniture is easier to change the color of the painting that to buy new furniture! If you have a sectional sofa beige color, considers to add a dynamism to the room with a color of the darkest wall.