2007 over 19 000 goggles for glasses campaign were collected In 2007 over 19 000 glasses for the eyewear campaign of lunettes sans frontiere”(glasses without borders) known under the Internet address Brillensammelaktion.de collected. This campaign is carried out together with the Catholic charity of the blind. This number represents a new record there. The results of the previous year were again far exceeded. It was used to transport the collected glasses with private car or a light truck in the Alsace, Hirsingue nothing more, today without forwarding the Organizer says the collection of Gerhard Menje from Ebersberg near Munich. In Hirsingue sorted father Meyer of the Capuchin Convent the groupage with a group of about 30 motivated workers, noted the diopter on each lens, packed the glasses in cases and in packs of 1, 2 or 3 kg.

These broadcasts are sent in 65 different countries in 4 continents. Gerhard Menje thanks the many opticians, pharmacies, companies and organizations, the action regularly help with large donations. His Special thanks to but also the many countless small donors who diligently at home collect your no longer used glasses together and send by parcel or package. Everyone has but at home sure several glasses lying around, that he no longer uses because they have perhaps become unfashionable by our standards or the Dioptrinstarke is not enough. With exactly these glasses can be helped around the world but still thousands of visually impaired people.

The special thing about it is that it can be of great help here with the simplest means and without donations. Collected: glasses in good condition sunglasses eyeglass frames in good condition clean glasses cases eyeglass lenses in its raw state hearing aids Eclipse goggles send who owns no longer used glasses or gained by simple package, please only appropriately franked at the following address: media contact: Gerhard Menje action “Lunettes sans frontiere” wall mountain str. 6 c 85560 Ebersberg FON 08092 / 853845 08092 / 853850 fax email: the glasses campaign “Lunettes sans frontiere” (glasses without borders) is a sunglasses campaign in cooperation with the Catholic blind factory e.V. in Frankfurt am Main. The website was initiated on the 1.6.1997 by Gerhard Menje. The action is indefinite and glasses collected as always and at any time. In addition, the no is ensured, commercial intentions that are connected. The collection and the dissemination of the glasses to the poor is absolutely free.