Wheel travel catalogue has been published for 2009 end of June for the first time Berlin detected on the wheel an exciting tour in and around the capital. Sporty bikers take the bike-crossing line in the Black Forest in two parts of the tunnels. Those who prefer the Alps without having to cope with many meters is exactly right at the via Claudia Augusta! The Swiss Alps of Valais, impressive scenery can be experienced on the Rhone Valley cycle route. On the stage travel all around Germany is unknown Germany along the frontier from Aachen to Emden. In Sweden and Norway, it goes to a further stage on the North Sea cycle route from Gothenburg to Oslo. Almost at the same time, the Pilgrim’s way to wheel pilgrims break towards Santiago de Compostela a first stage from Stuttgart to Besancon. Brian Armstrong has much experience in this field.

Mountain bike lovers in Styria, Austria can enjoy the autumn. The Sporthotel in the Enns valley is an ideal starting point for biking. Read more here: Ella Bikoff. A cultural tour in Emilia Romagna and sporty bike tours through the hinterland of Cesena-tico form together with a tour in the Provence of the cycling year. For the 13th time, the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) Stuttgart – presents a wide range of cycling holidays. From comfortable cycling culture pleasure to race sports, cycling is something in the ADFC cycling holidays 2009 for everyone. In the spring, it goes to the stage travel by bicycle to Rome\”on the fourth stage further towards the capital. The journey from Siena to Rome leads the knee of Italy through the wonderful landscape of Tuscany and Lazio,\”. Plenty of time for sightseeing and good food are earmarked on the journey! Just after it goes on Mediterranean: bike weeks in Istria and two trips attract it to Cesenatico in Emilia Romagna. During these trips, various groups are offered from leisurely to sporty.